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Q? My car is all-wheel-drive does it require a flatbed tow truck

A. Conventional tow trucks are perfectly capable of lifting vehicle with all-wheel-drive off of the ground.

Q? My car has an automatic transmission-can it be towed with the drive wheel on the ground?

A. Most likely most manufactures say yes at least for a limited speed and distance.

Q? With so many makes and models‚ how do you remember each vehicle towing procedure?

A. Every manufacture towing guidelines for its individual model and most of these companies compile them on an annual publication that is standard material provided to all of our tow truck drivers.

Q? Is towing rough on my car?

A. As a matter of fact it is quite the opposite since your car is lifted by its tires, it is riding on your own suspension when we tow it for you, our trucks’ suspension absorbs most of the impact.

Q? Do tow truck drivers have a special training?

A. Yes our driver begin by receiving a week. of intensive specialized courses at the Wreck master training school. they are then teamed with an experienced driver until they are capable of performing every aspect of the job with full competence. Finally, they are tested and certified by the towing and recovery Association of America. Driver must also attend annual training refresher courses to brush-up on current standards and learn new techniques.

Q? Do tow truck driver need a special license?

A. Not for light duty towing however, our company requires driver to have a flawless driving record and attend a annual defensive driving classes.